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Freshwaters acknowledged to the authorities they had essay for college admission found him and viewed the photo . Fl, where he has lived for romeo and juliet essay help the past two essay on writing skills decades, before settling in to Brevard County, while on-the-run he previously lived in several states . What type of documents he believed he was signing was not divulged, although the police had conjured up a trick to get Freshwater to sign documents . Freshwater had experienced jail at the Iowa State Reformatory, precisely the same facility where ” The Shawshank Redemption ” movie was shot, when he escaped after serving just seven weeks of his 20 – yr term. They could actually complement the finger prints of Freshwater back when he was arrested and jailed for a recognition that is official . While he will be called a ” condemned killer ” in the the news, NBC News reports that he was performing period for a probation violation, that has been related to a manslaughter conviction.

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After 56 years hiding out of the law, the 79 – year-old convicted monster came into the extent of Florida authorities, who thought for sure they were looking at an older Water . The cops then faced him at the truck where he lived and asked him if he had seen this man . The authorities then took the mug shot of Fresh-Water from more than 50 years ago and approached at his trailer where the now elderly man was dwelling near Victoria . Where his prison sentence has quite several years left for him to assist, he is awaiting extradition to Kansas . All now was living and he’d worked as a trucker in the past.

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