Who Else Is Fed Up Paying $17+ Per Gallon For Petrochemical-Based Laundry Detergent?

What If There Was A Laundry Product That Could Help Protect Your Family’s Skin and Respiratory Health, Possibly Lengthen the Life Of Your Clothing, and Potentially Save Hundreds Of Dollars In Annual Laundry Detergent Costs?

Would You Like To Save Time, Save Money, Reduce the Amount Of Chemicals In Your Home and Make Your Life Much Easier Doing the Tedious Task Of Laundry? The Life Miracle Laundry System May Be Your Answer.

COMPLETELY REUSABLE… One package of two Laundry System units can be used over and over again and even come with a Manufacturer’s Lifetime Warranty.

POWERFUL & EFFECTIVE…Detergent-Free Cleaning Action. Economical, Environmentally Safe and Very Easy To Use.

CHEMICAL-FREE…Great for infants, children and people with Chemical Sensitivities and allergies. Eliminate chemical related health problems by using alternatives to the chemicals. Reduce the amount of chemicals that are around your children and pets in your home.

MAY INCREASE LIFE OF FABRICS…No breakdown in the tensile strength of your fabrics from potentially harsh petrochemicals. Most people have a significant investment in their wardrobe and your clothes may last longer because there are no chemicals being used to break them down.

MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER–THE LAUNDRY SYSTEM IS CONVENIENT AND EASY TO USE…Just place the Magnetic Laundry System units in your washer and turn it on. No heavy and expensive detergents to lug from the store, and no more messy chemical spills in the laundry room.

HELPS TO SAVE MONEY,THE ENVIRONMENT, WATER, & YOUR HEALTH….An extra rinse cycle is generally not necessary because there are no chemicals to rinse out. This may save you 20-40 gallons of water with every wash load, the electricity to run the extra cycle, the gas to heat the water and the added sewer costs. With rising utility, energy and water costs, bypassing the rinse cycle could save you significant money. Imagine the environmental and financial benefits of saving that much water every single time you wash your clothes.

You may also find that you do not need softeners or static cling removers because there are no chemicals making your clothing stiff. And most importantly, no potentially harmful petrochemicals will be released into the environment or onto your clothes because you are eliminating the chemicals. This Can Potentially Save You $756.00 Or More In Laundry Detergent Costs Alone every 24 months, and possibly even more potential savings in water, electric, sewage and gas over time if you choose to bypass the rinse cycle.

PATENTED AND INDEPENDENTLY PROVEN...There is no other non-detergent laundry technology in existence that has two United States Patents and has been proven in Independent Laboratory Testing. This is truly completely different from the common laundry ball or washer ball products you have undoubtedly heard of. You have never seen, heard about or tried anything like it before!

LIFETIME WARRANTY AND UNCONDITIONAL RISK-FREE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE…We want you to be thrilled with this product. If you aren’t completely convinced that the Magnetic Laundry System cleans as good or better than your favorite laundry detergent, you can send it back for a full product refund.† AND it comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY so you will never need to purchase another system.

WILL WORK IN VIRTUALLY ANY TYPE OF HOME (AND LAUNDROMAT) SIZED WASHING MACHINES...Whether you use a top loader or front loader, USA or international brand washer–plastic water drum, aluminum, stainless steel or other metal–the Magnetic Laundry System will work in all of them. They do not need to “stick” to the drum to work properly. Just follow the instructions in your laundry system kit for great results. If you have any questions before you buy, please read our Frequently Asked Questions.

NO MORE PETROCHEMICALS. THE MAGNETIC LAUNDRY SYSTEM MAY SAVE YOU A SIGNIFICANT AMOUNT OF MONEY OVER TIME…If you are upset over the high costs of detergents at the supermarket, we are going to let you in on a bit of a “secret”. Most people don’t know that laundry detergents are not soaps, they are actually petrochemicals derived from crude oil. As crude oil prices reached historic all-time highs, the cost to buy detergents rose as well because the raw material to manufacture and transport detergents increased. Gas prices have fortunately come down, but the detergent prices have unfortunately remained at record highs. So though you are not feeling as much pain at the pump, you are still feeling the pain in your supermarket’s detergent aisle. Medium-sized 150 ounce bottles of name brand detergent are selling for over $22.00 each–for a single bottle! How many bottles of detergent do you use in a year? The Magnetic Laundry System has the potential to nearly pay for itself after saving the purchases of just two bottles of detergent.

The fact that you are washing your family’s clothes with crude oil-derived petrochemicals may concern you, but there has been some concern regarding what those petrochemicals may be doing to our environment and water supply, in addition to your clothing and your family’s delicate skin. And the details of what the specific ingredients are in detergent is a mystery. They are not required to disclose specific ingredients to you on product labels, so you cannot research them and determine if they are safe for you and your family. But you should be aware that laundry detergents are listed as “Toxic Substances” by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and you should use caution and care whenever using any sort of household chemicals. Many people suffer from multiple chemical sensitivities, and it is best for these people to use alternatives.

You can’t do a thing about extreme fluctuations in fuel prices, but the Magnetic Laundry System can keep you from “fueling” your washing machine with petrochemicals every day, and can keep those petrochemicals off your skin and from being flushed into our water supply.

A Potential Return On Investment (ROI) For Your Household. Most products we buy nowadays are consumable, meaning we use them up and throw them away. Or we buy something, and instantly the money is gone with no real value or return on the money that we spent. The Magnetic Laundry System is unique for a consumer product, because not only do you get a great performing product that is invaluable and effective to use for years to come, it actually acts as an “investment” of sorts because you receive a return on the money you spend for it. Every month you use the Magnetic Laundry System, is a month you reduced or eliminated the purchase of consumables like laundry detergent. Over the years, this could potentially add up to thousands of dollars of actual financial returns for the small, one-time investment you made in the Magnetic  Laundry System.

In economically challenging times, this can make a real financial difference in preserving the household budget for expenditures that are necessities, and reduce spending money on unnecessary consumables. How many products can you buy that you can honestly say put money back into your pocket rather than taking it out? The Magnetic Laundry System is one of those products. Every time you go to the supermarket, you can breathe a sigh of relief that you won’t have to buy another $20.00 bottle of laundry detergent anymore.

de·ter·gent n. A cleansing substance that acts similarly to soap, but is actually made from mostly synthetic petrochemical compounds, rather than natural fats and lye.






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