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Fire Barrier is the only Non-Hazardous, Biodegradable and Earth Friendly fire retardant product on the market today. It’s been thoroughly tested by an internationally recognized laboratory and has been given a non-toxic rating in the critical areas of eye irritation, skin irritation, and/or oral consumption.

(See attached sheet for specs). Fire Barrier is an aqueous solution of inorganic materials, formulated to provide a flame retardant up to 3500 degrees Fahrenheit before ignition, by incorporating a blocking mechanism which inhibits the flame penetration to the substrate materials.

When applied to porous substrates, it provides the equivalent of Class A fire retardancy and has no visible effect on the substrates, nor does it change the feel, texture, or serviceability of the substrate. It’s easily applied and isn’t harmful to humans or animal life or the environment. All of the chemicals used in this formula are presently being used in the food processing industry so Fire Barrier has a non-hazardous base.

Don’t Let Your Most Prized Possessions Go Up In Smoke!!!fireb26

Home fires can start at any time, and put your family and your future at risk. Faulty wiring, a stove or appliance unknowingly left

You can make the entire contents of your home fire resistant up to 3500º … from the drapes, the carpet and the walls, to the sheets and linens on your children’s beds. Fire retard your deck as easily as water sealing it.

With Fire Barrier, you can protect your home, your possessions, and most importantly your family, cheaply, safely and simply.

You can professionally fire retard your home, business and possessions with a completely non-toxic, easy to use spray.

Fire Barrier is the only non-toxic fire retardant on the market today. In fact, all of Fire Barrier’s ingredients are presently used in the food processing industry and are totally non-hazardous to your family and the environment. So, why take chances? Fire Barrier your home.

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One of the biggest problems with other fire retardant products on the market is that they aren’t 100% non-toxic, or non hazardous, and are very high in cost.

Many of other fire retardant products are toxic and one very unfortunate example is in the use of these toxic materials in children’s clothing. Toxic fire products require special equipment to do the application and protective clothing that must be worn just to be in contact with them, while Fire Barrier on the other hand has a non-toxic salt base.

Fire Barrier is everything you’re looking for in a fire retardant at an affordable price:
“Class A” fire retardancy based on results from United States Testing Labratories as applied to the UL testing requirements for Class A
Class B” verified and tested fire retardancy from the higher standard when tested by the United States Testing Company Inc. Two tests were conducted. One on plywood, one on a cotton shirt
Flame retardant up to 3500 degrees Fahrenheit
Does not change the feel, texture or serviceability of material to which it’s applied
Not harmful to humans, animals or the environment
Fire Barrier

  • Testing Specimen
  • Flame Spread Cotton
  • Smoke developed
  • Cotton
  • 0
  • 30
  • Plywood
  • 25
  • 130
  • The rating used was from the National Fire Protection Association Life Safety Code
  • Class A Rating     Flame spread 0-25, smoke developed 0-450
    Class B rating     Flame spread 26-75, smoke developed 0-450
    Class C rating     Flame spread 76-200, smoke developed 0-450

The United States Testing Co. has a higher criteria than underwriters laboratories and Fire Barrier meets and exceeds all UL ratings    for Class A
A 1988 National Fire Protection Association Reported that 67% of all fires are started on decorative materials such as Upholstery, drapes, carpeting, wall coverings, mattresses and exposed timbers in attics, basements or garage. All of these can be in facilities that are required by law (codes/standards) to fire retard the contents Hotels,

Fire Barrier is ideal for:

  •  Carpets
  •  Fabrics
  •  Upholstery
  •  Draperies
  •  Cardboard
  •  Any porous materials
  •  Wood surfaces (unfinished)  

Use Your Imagination…
The Possibilities Are Endless  

  • Industries
  • Hospitals
  • Paint industry
  • Textile industry
  • Laundry
  • Restaurants
  • Furniture manufacturers
  • Prefab homes
  • New construction


Totally organic and safe.
Can be applied to anything that is porous including: interior walls, rugs and carpets, furniture, curtains and drapes, family pictures, etc.
Fire Barrier is a “Class A” equivalent (not rated) fire retardant that retards flames up to 3,500°F.
Fire Barrier can be sprayed on, brushed on, rolled on or by soaking the material.

Unfinished Wood – Hold applicator 12″ to 24″ from surface. Apply spray generously, evenly, and thoroughly to the wood, allowing enough to cover complete surface. Apply to all sides of the wooden object. For plywood, apply to both sides if possible. Allow it to set for 5 to 10 minutes. Repeat application to insure complete coverage. Wood does not need to be saturated, but the it must be absorbed sufficiently. Allow the wood to dry for 8 hours before painting or covering with laminate.

Fabric – Hold applicator 12″ to 24″ from surface, apply spray generously, evenly, and thoroughly to fabric, allowing enough to cover complete surface. Only one side needs to be treated (unless extremely thick fabric is used, then apply to both sides). It is not necessary to saturate the fabric, but in order for it to be effective, it must be absorbed by the fabric. Common sense applies here.

It is not necessary to apply it to the point that it is dripping from the fabric but the application needs to be just to the point of saturation. This is the reason we recommend the fabric or fabric covered object is cleaned, and still damp so it can be absorbed easier by the fabric. Allow 24 hours to dry completely.

Carpet – Hold applicator 24″ to 36″ from the surface apply spray generously, evenly and thoroughly to carpet, allowing enough to cover complete surface. It is not necessary to saturate the carpet, but in order for it to be effective, it must be absorbed by the carpet. It should be just to the point of saturation but the carpet does not need to be drenched or soaked. We recommend that the carpet be cleaned and still damp before the application so it can be absorbed easier. Allow to dry for 8 hours.

Coverage is about 200 square feet per gallon but this depends also on the porosity of the surface.

Add from 8 to 16 ounces of Fire Barrier to a gallon of paint for covering a non-porous surface.


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