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ION is one of our best selling products for water treatment. ION uses Arloxy of America’s secret formula of negatively charged  oxygen, used to purify drinking water. Superior to chlorine or hydrogen peroxide, this formulation is actually good for you, with preliminary evidence suggesting it destroys harmful bacteria and cleans poisons out of the system. ION is a negatively charged product that goes into the body looking for a positively charged ion in the form of toxins and poisons and foreign matter like bacteria. It helps detox the body and cleans it out. It will not kill friendly bacteria.

ION has an indefinite shelf life. It will not go bad on you. EVER. ION will keep water safe for up to 5 years in a water storage container or barrel.


Simply add twenty drops of ION to one gallon of water.
Add 100 drops to every 5 gallons
One bottle of ION will treat 110 gallons of water.
1 and 1/8 bottles of ION will purify 125 gallons
1 and 1/2 bottles will purify 185 gallons
2 and 1/4 bottles will purify 250 gallons
4 and 1/2 bottles will purify 500 gallons

Because ION is non-toxic it can be used medicinally and you can drink it in water to prevent illness. It can also be used topically on wounds, to kill harmful bacteria. It is an ideal item for your emergency medical kit. It comes in a (2 ounce) bottle. it can be slipped into a purse or pocket. Take it with you on vacation wherever the water is questionable. Missionaries going to 3rd world countries have had good results when using ION. 8 drops per cup or 20 drops per gallon will purify water. 20 drops per cup will fight bacterial infections for medicinal purposes.


For safe drinking water use 8 drops per glass for adults and 5 drops per cup for children.
For water storage, use 8 to 12 drops per gallon.
20 drops per cup to fight internal infections.
20 drops per cup to clean wounds or scrapes on the skin.


10 to 15 drops per quart will extend freshness up to several weeks in most cases.


Superficial cuts and small area burns may be treated one time only with a few drops directly on the wound to help stop bleeding and or to reduce pain and the risk of infection. Do not use directly on sun burns without diluting 1 to 20 drops of ION in one cup of pure water.


Do not use directly into eyes. Always dilute Ion for eye infections.


One to three drops dabbed directly on wound, twice weekly.


Put 5 or 6 drops on the tooth brush while brushing teeth. Put 5 drops in a 1/2 ounce of water for mouthwash, swish around mouth and in between teeth.

People have reported amazing health benefits from using ION on a daily basis. This product will put oxygen into the blood stream which is good for the body and helps the body fight off ailments.

1-5: $15.50 each
6-15: $14.45 each
16-25:$13.45 each
26-100: $12.45 each

101+: $11.45 each


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