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The Alternative (alternative energy), by Dennis Lee

Documentation on the suppression of alternative energy technology

by Dennis Lee, published August, 1994

This is the true story of how I experienced the “dirty tricks” of the powerful political forces at play in our society as they attempted to stop me from delivering energy technologies that could provide unlimited, “free” energy to the world. I have spent over a decade of my life fighting these powerful forces to provide energy alternatives to the American people and because I persevered in the fire I have been able to come out with the evidence of a conspiracy – not only against me and my technologies, but against our very way of life. This book will open your eyes to the true “ruling aristocracy” of America, who in partnership with the government, has effectively eliminated the “justice system” as we know it, and has replaced it with the “just-us” system.

Through wealth and financial manipulation, they have gained control over every facet of our life. Their long arms of control extend over the entire judicial system, law enforcement, legislation, major media, and even the major communications corporations like the phone companies, and mail carriers. I will present irrefutable proof to you of the way the legal system and the media is used to abuse Americans to favor their benefactors. As you witness how the system was abused in an attempt to destroy me, you’ll see how the system is used to that same end on a regular basis, in a conspiracy to erode and eliminate the freedoms of all Americans.

(1) When the author refers to “free electricity” he means electricity that is produced without any cost for fuel. A “free electricity” machine is one that produces electricity with no cost to operate. There is a cost for the machine itself.


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